За Чертой Бедности? Действуй!

Countries for the first quarter of 2018 every fourth citizen of Russia almost 27 percent have a monthly income lower 15 thousand rubles or 8 dollars a day and every seventh is beyond the line official poverty, that is, in fact it is a question of poverty receiving no more than ten thousand rubles a month or more a third of the population of russia for food and compulsory monthly Payments during the survey which rule Presidential Academy of the People’s economy and public service 36 percent of respondents reported that money is enough only for food 70 percent said they could allow only basic necessities food clothes it is household equipment such as tools are no longer there Despite the fact that the growth from fixes record jump in wages share of those who see their own purses practically does not grow but simply showed that in March there were 13 percent of the axis versus ten percent in the end of last year we compare this base year of the year more than a quarter 27 percent stated further improve their financial situation almost as many 30% believe degradation and general economic situation in the country I want to note that this is an official growth statistics [music] a [music]

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